Whose history is oldest?


A: I just came back from a trip to China and I was very impressed with the long histo of that country .我刚才中国旅行回来,那个国家的悠久历史给我留下了很深的印象。 B: Last year I visit Europe . It was interesting to see the ancient ruins there , too . 去年我游览了欧洲。参观那儿的古代遗迹也很有意思。

A: when I look at our country’s history , I begin to sense what a young country it really is . 看看我们自己国家的历史,我才体会到这个国家有多么年青。

B: Yes. There are many countries whose histories were ancient when ours was just beginning . 对,当我们国家的历史才开始时,许多国家已经有了悠久的历史了。

A: The first English settlers arrived in America about the time the last Chinese dunasty began . 最早的英国移民到达美国的时候大约正是中国最后一个朝代开始的时候。

B: I believe one reason America has been able to be so successful in so many aspects is that it had no ancient traditions to bind it down .我认为美国之所以那么多方面取得了那么大的成功,一个原因就是美国没有束缚人的古老传统。

A: Why would you say that ? The settlers to America came from countries all over the world and must have brought their traditions with them . 你为什么这样说呢?到美国的移民有来自世界许多国家的人,他们肯定都带来了他们各自的传统。

B: Yes , they did and those traditions have enriched the American heritage(遗产,继承物); however , their purpose in coming to this new country was so they could make a change from the way the were living . Most immigrants(移民,侨民) to America were penniless . They came here to take adavantage of a new way of life . 不错,他们带来的传统丰富了美国的遗产。但是,他们到这个新国家来的目的是想改变他们过去的生活方式。来到美国的大部分移民都是身无分文,他们到这儿来就是要投入新的生活方式。

A: Sometimes I think we ignore the history of the native peoples encountered here in the Americas, both North and Soouth .


B: Well , that’s true . I’ve noticed. However , that the remains of civilizations in North America don’t appear to be as ancient as those found in Mexico or Central and South America . 是这样的。不过我注意到北美洲的文化遗迹不像墨西哥或者中、南美洲的遗迹那么古老。 A: Those civiliztions must have been as ancient as what I saw in China . They didn’t have any influence on the modern countries , though , Why is that ? 那些文化一定和我在中国看到的文化遗迹一样古老。不过那些文化对现代国家却没有任何影响力,为什么是这样呢? B : It’s because those were dead civilizations did not carry on to the surviving natives of the land . 那时因为那些文化已经死亡了。由于某种原因,那些文化的传统没有在当地土著民族的后代身上继承下来。 A: Do you think that’s the reason , or is it that the immigrants who exerted authority over the natives were able to suppress(镇压,使…止住) their tiaditions ?


B: I would think both are explanatins , I am gratefull , though ,to live in a country where people are able feel free , free in their thoughts as well as in their actions . I’m very glad we are not bound by ancient traditions . 我想着两种解释都说得通。不过,我庆幸能生活在一个人们能感到自由的国家里,人们在这儿享有思想和行动上的自由。我们不受古老传统的束缚,这是我非常高兴的事。